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Ecoboost Technical Blogs

This page is the new home to Stus latest technical blogs on engine management systems. This time he is looking at the more modern Bosch MED17 system as fitted to vehicles such as the 2013 onwards Ford Focus ST and RS vehicles powered by the 2 and 2.3 litre Ford Ecoboost engines.

Whilst the strategies under discussion are the Ford proprietary logic, the basic nuts and bolts can be traced back to the earlier vehicles such as the MK7 Fiesta ST which ran a very similar platform, albeit it significantly less complex than the Ford HDFX version.

Stick the kettle on... These are complex subjects!

Ecoboost Blog

Ecoboost Torque. Its Under New Management.
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Knock Knock... Whos there?
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Eco BOOST control strategies
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Ecoboost.. its off the MAP!
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Ford OAR System
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Understanding Ecoboost traction control
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Be sure to check back from time to time for more updates.

Until then, you may enjoy Stus old technical articles from when he had his own monthly column in Fast Ford magazine. There are 66 articles that can all be read and even downloaded in PDF format.. They can be found here:

Our reviews speak for themselves..

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