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Focus RS MK1

Hard to believe its so long ago since we bought and tuned a brand new one of these. Back in 2002 this was the first decent RS to come out of Ford since the Escort Cosworth.

We still offer a couple of tunes for these today and can tailor the calibration in your ECU to ensure all modifications are accommodated for and the vehicle runs as well as it possibly can.

Focus RS Mk1 tuning

However, as with most production cars, it feels a little "soft" out of the box.

We can tailor the calibration in your ECU to ensure all existing modifications are accommodated for and you can rest assured the vehicle will retain all the safety features programmed in by the manufacturer such as EGT control, Knock control, closed loop fuel control and other such important features. We wont remove these to facilitate a power increase as some tuners do. The vehicle will retain these important safety features and will run just as well as it did standard, in fact probably even better.

Our tuning options for the MK1 Focus RS are simple. We have the MSD260 for the standard vehicle and an MSD 280 for vehicles with a few well chosen modifications.

With over two decades of Ford RS & ST tuning experience we are more than happy to advise and discuss tuning options with your vehicle. We can tailor our remaps to your requirements either through custom or live remapping.

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