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Data-logging Using The COBB Accessport

When you purchase one of our COBB Accessports, you can enjoy it right out of the box, safe in the knowledge that all the original manufacturers safety parameters are still intact and the vehicle will perform faultlessly.

However, we do also offer a custom E-Tuning service that involves us inspecting your engines running parameters to ensure that you are getting the most from your tune.

This service requires us to get some data from your vehicle using the amazing data-logging capabilities of the COBB Accessport. This page will detail how to go about obtaining that data for us.

COBB Data Logging

The Best Parameters To Monitor?

Your engine management system uses its wideband lambda and knock sensor feedback systems to constantly tune itself to ensure that it is operating at the optimum fuel and ignition settings at all times. This is an ongoing process and the numbers generated day to day can be a little unusual to the untrained eye, with spark constantly being added and subtracted to keep the engine operating under optimal, safe parameters. For us to be able to analyse the way your vehicle is running, and tune it remotely, we need to be able to access some data from your ECU which will allow us to develop a picture of how your ECU has adapted to the new tune and the fuel you are using.

For best results, please monitor the parameter called “Oct Adj Ratio Lrn” and continue driving normally until that parameter reaches the figure “-1.00”. At that point, the ECU has adapted to your fuel and you are ready to datalog.
(Note: This can take anything from 20 to 50 miles)

When you reach an OAR of -1.00, please log the parameters on the sheet we gave you with your purchase.The logging instruction sheet will also detail the correct gears and speeds for your application.

How long to log for?

Although the Accessport will log many hours of data, that can be extremely time consuming to review, so ideally we only want full throttle data. A good full throttle pull will be something like 2500rpm - 6500rpm in 3rd and 4th gears.

PLEASE do not send us logs with hours of driving in as we will have to ask you to go and try doing another log.


How to perform the datalog...

Grab a brew and let the guys from COBB walk you through it...

What Next?
E-Mail the datalog over to us and we will review the data and get back to you as soon as possible.



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