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Cosworth Launch Control. Suitable for all Weber L8 and P8 ECUs'

Most of you will have heard the term Launch Control, but what exactly is it? Well in a nutshell it is a system that brings the turbocharger onto boost whilst holding the revs at an advantageous point in the rev range.

Using clever Weber L8 and P8 ecu mapping techniques to introduce heat to the turbine and remove efficiency from the engine when the engine is out of gear, we can make your turbocharger spin up hard and produce strong boost whilst you are sat with the clutch in waiting to launch from the start line.

Simply flick a switch and your L8 launch control or P8 Launch Control is active, all you have to do now is bury the pedal to the carpet and you will see, and hear your turbocharger come onto boost and your rev limiter activate at around 4250 rpm. Lift the clutch, disengage launch control and your away, your normal rev limiter is resumed and you are off down the road at maximum speed!

Cosworth Weber ECU Launch Control System

How much boost on launch?

The boost depends on the spec of the engine but will likely be between 20 and 35psi whilst active.

This Cosworth launch control system is designed to give you maximum torque available at launch time and get you underway at the greatest velocity possible.

Both the L8 launch control and P8 launch control system's are available right now.

L8 and P8 launch control system:
£150 on top of our normalcalibration price.

Warning. This system produces loud pops, bangs and huge flames from the vehicle's exhaust.

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