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Engine Management Diagnostic Services.

Here at Motorsport Developments we are fully equipped with the very latest in Sun / Snap on hand-held diagnostic equipment which means that we are able to interrogate your car’s engine management computer (ECU) and read live data relating to how the engine and its sensors are working. Of course, with our 4wd Dyno cell we can simulate the car working while we do it too.

Vehicle Diagnostics In Blackpool

We are also able to read out any trouble codes (DTC's) that have been stored within the computer’s memory that relate to faults that are perhaps intermittent and hard to diagnose otherwise due to not always being present when you have the car inspected.

Vehicle Diagnostics In Blackpool

Remember, reading the code from the handset is only the start. The technician must have the abilities to translate that error code into a real world fault, not just replace things and hope for the best. The ECU is only right about 50% of the time. Anyone who doubts our technical abilities should read some of our published technical articles here. The magazines trust us to know our job, so why shouldn't you?

If you need some help diagnosing faults with your engine management system, feel free to book in and have your cars ECU data stream read today. It’s inexpensive and can save a lot of trouble in the long run by detecting faults in their early stages before they develop further.

Vehicle Diagnostics In Blackpool

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