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Ford Sierra and Escort Rs Cosworth Live Mapping.

The standard Ford Sierra and Escort Rs Cosworth using Weber L1, L6, L8 or P8 management can be recalibrated live using our state of the art ECU emulation hardware. This is known as live remapping.

Live mapping is a form of engine calibration that is done whilst the vehicle is in motion with the engine being used properly. This is the ultimate form of remapping and the choice of most serious tuners out there. It is NOT the same as custom mapping where a tuner keeps trying different chips until he is happy with the results. That is far inferior to doing it live.

For those of you running an aftermarket ECU such as Autronic, Motec, AEM, Pectel or similar you will also have the facility to recalibrate the ECU in real time and we offer this facility on most aftermarket engine management systems and pride ourselves in turning out recalibrated systems that run as good as, if not better in some cases than the original car ran from the factory.

RS Cosworth Weber ECU Live mapping

Remember, we have been mapping these engines live since the late 1990's and have a huge database of files from which to draw a good base from before we start the live mapping session, so you can be sure the vehicle will start and run fine afterwards when cold. In general we can live map your Cosworth in one full day, primarily on the dyno at the cost of approximately £900 all in, including labour, dyno time and all the usual graphs.

Don't forget that while your having a live remap we could also add in extra features such as ALS (Anti lag), closed loop, Launch control or maybe even wasted spark ignition.

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