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Live Mapping & Custom Mapping at Motorsport Developments In Blackpool, Lancashire.

As the owner of the worldwide recognised brand "Evolution Chips" it will come as no surprise that chips, remaps, OBD remapping, Live mapping and custom mapping are our speciality subjects.

Live Mapping in Lancashire on the 4wd Dyno

We have the ability to access your original equipment (O.E.) management systems inner workings and adjust all the parameters that control things such as your engines spark advance, fuel delivery, cam timing and boost pressure to name only a few of the often thousands of calibrations within a modern ECU.

These services are all a little different from each other and you should take the time to understand what the differences are before parting with your money, so please read the sections below in order to understand which is which.

ECU Chips. (Chipping)
Old cars, prior to around year 1998 used to have EPROMS in the ECU that had to be removed, re calibrated and refitted. Some were just plug in chips, others needed to be soldered. This service was widely known as "chipping."

ECU Remapping: (A remap)
Arguably the most common term used today and is used to cover so many things it has become almost meaningless but regardless, its true meaning is simply to re calibrate the existing system.

As the name suggest, the seller is not clarifying exactly how this will be done, but it may involve a new chip, a remap via the vehicles OBD port, a custom ECU remap (See next tab) or a full on live remap (See last tab).

Custom ECU Remapping:
During custom mapping, we run the vehicle on our dyno or out on the road with a data logger, knock detection equipment and wideband AFR monitoring gear and assess what parts of the ECU calibration require work and then go back to the workshop and re calibrate the necessary parts of the calibration on the PC before uploading it back into the ECU and performing the same test again.

This is repeated until such time as the calibration is as close to perfect as we can get it. Normally this can be done to an exceptional standard on the dyno in one day.


Custom mapping on our dyno costs approximately £900 including vat and includes the dyno cell hire and 2x professional dyno operators / calibrators labour.

Live ECU Mapping: (Not available for all types of ECU)
During live mapping, we will attach an emulator to the ECU and actually access the information within it whilst the engine is running and the ECU is in use. This is the ultimate form of mapping and usually gives far more accurate results than simple chipping or remapping and is usually quite a lot better than a custom mapping session too because we can adjust the data at the same time as the ECU is supplying results to the engine and so can assess the results in real time which makes it the ultimate way of finding little glitches, hesitations and flat spots. This is doubly true for those engines that have strayed from the norm and are now utilising uprated cams, ported heads, altered compression ratios etc. Live mapping on our dyno costs approximately £900 including vat and includes the dyno cell hire and 2x professional dyno operators / calibrators labour.

We have written a very large technical article for a national magazine on the art of live mapping, you may enjoy it so it can be accessed here.

The Video below shows how we recalibrate an O.E: ECU live on the dyno.