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Cosworth Anti lag Systems for Weber L8 & P8 ECU's

Our Cosworth Anti Lag and Launch control software for the L8 ECU is unique to us and we have many hundreds of happy customers out there using it worldwide on both L8 and P8.

Most of you will have heard the term "AntiLag", but what exactly is it? Well in a nutshell it is a system that dramatically improves the turbochargers response time once it is within its boost threshold.

Using clever ECU mapping techniques to introduce heat to the turbine and remove efficiency from the engine when off the throttle, we can make the turbine spin harder and faster than normal, the result being that when you lift off the throttle to change gear, instead of the engine going into full vacuum and the turbo spooling down as normal, it remains spinning and shifting air whilst you shift, so once we get back onto the throttle the boost pressure builds back up to peak far quicker.

Cosworth Anti Lag For Weber ECU

Modifications Required:

Depending on how aggressive you want the ALS effect to be you will need to make modifications to allow the system to command extra air whilst the throttle is closed. We suggest starting with our mildest setting and we give full colour instructions with images that explain how to modify your own idle control valve.

A small switch also needs to be mounted somewhere in order to turn the system on and off and its very easy to wire into the ECU as it simply connects to, and grounds, 1 wire at the ECU. When switched off the vehicle will operate as normal.

This Cosworth Anti lag system is available right now for both Weber L8 and Weber P8.

The retail cost of adding this Cosworth ALS software to one of our own Evolution Chips™ is an additional £250 on top of the original chips cost.

This Cosworth ALS system can produce loud pops, bangs and flames from the vehicles exhaust.


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