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MSD Switchable Burbles for the Focus ST250

Do you love exhaust burbles, but not ALL the time? How about sometimes wishing they were just a bit quieter?

Well with the new MSD Multimaps system you can choose not only different power levels on the fly, but also 2-stage switchable burbles.

MSD Multimaps witH Switchable burbles

Burbles, love them or hate them they are one of our most requested features for the 2litre Ecoboost.

Until recently, we didn’t offer them as we are firmly against associating our tuning platform with the horrendous "Gunshot style" pop and bang map that is causing so many anti-social problems the country over, but we have been quietly developing a nice system that is less anti social whilst also offering one big, added bonus over other solutions out there...

Ours can be switched off!

Better still, you can select from off, quiet or loud burbles, on-the-fly. You can even do it live from your steering wheel whilst driving along the road if you have cruise control. So when you want that nice burble to announce your presence, its there, but when you want the car to be less conspicuous, like when you come in from a long drive at 3am, no problem, just disable them... on-the-fly.

We are still very much against loud gunshot style noises when you lift the throttle and absolutely will not be offering them at all, but like all petrol heads, we love a nice burbly exhaust overrun sounds so we have created two levels of burbles, chosen specifically for the normal level of modifications fitted to the 2 litre Ecoboost engine for MSD280, MSD300 and above.

We simply call theses levels "Quiet" and "Loud". (Or your calibrator may refer to them as B1 and B2)
Of course, everyone’s opinion of quiet and loud burbles varies, but if you think "Production BMW M series" style factory burbles as being somewhere around the medium scale you will be thinking along the right lines.

This system has no negative effects on driveability or fuel economy and both burbles levels are catalyst friendly.
(Note: Decatted and De-res cars will naturally be louder than standard exhausts and standard cats)

How to purchase MSD Multimaps with switchable burbles:

1) Purchase with a COBB Accessport in our webshop. (Click to open)

2) Purchase for installation on your own Accessport in our webshop. (click to open)


How to upgrade your existing MSD Multimaps calibration to burbles edition:

1) Purchase as an upgrade to your Multimaps* calibration in our webshop. (click to open)

2) Upgrade your Multimaps* calibration by utilising an unused E-tune on your account.
(For this option, please contact us direct with your COBB calibration name and request we exchange an etune for burbles. Your calibration name can be found on your Accessport under "Tune/Installed map". )

Upgrades are only available to the original purchaser of the calibration.

* Non multimaps users can upgrade to multimaps and get burbles that way.


Should you later decide that you really only enjoy and utilise one style of burbles, you can request that we exchange one of the burbles with a valet mode during the E-tuning process. This will be free of charge if we are E-tuning the vehicle for you. If we are not, it will require you purchase an Etune for us to do so. (Click here to open)

Vido coming soon


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