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Aftermarket / Stand Alone ECU
Recalibration and Mapping service

In some cases, the original ECU in the vehicle is not able to be remapped or it doesnt offer the flexibility we need with a particular state of tune. In this situation, the best solution is often to remove it and fit a standalone ECU product such as Syvecs, Omex, Emerald, GEMS, MS3pro or one of many other options in order to give us more engine control than we could achieve with the original manufacturers ECU.

In some cases these can plug into your original harness, but more often than not you need a whole new management loom too.

ECU Calibration on the dyno in blackpool

ECU Calibration on the dyno in blackpool


We specialise in Stand Alone ECU recalibration.

For those of you running such a standalone aftermarket ECU such as AEM, ECUMaster, Emerald, LINK, Life Racing, OMEX, Syvecs, Omex, Megasquirt or similar, we offer fixed price mapping for these systems.

We absolutely pride ourselves in turning out recalibrated systems that run as good as, if not better in some cases than the original car ran from the factory. We dont accept that tuned engines need to run badly and use lots of fuel. In most cases that really is absolute rubbish. Bear in mind that making power with wide open throttle is easy and quite quick to do, but making the engine perform properly at low speed, with good fuel economy and throttle response, in stop start traffic, and when cold, is the very hard and time consuming part. Dont let anyone tell you any different. An ECU cannot be calibrated properly in an hour or two unless it was almost perfect to start with.

In most cases, we will need the car for a full day and will calibrate your system on the dyno, and we will provide all the expected printouts of flywheel and wheel power, torque, AFR, boost etc that you could want.

The Cost?

Remapping prices can vary from tune to tune as its very ECU and engine hardware dependant. For example, an 800 BHP twin turbocharged time attack race car would take longer than a 180BHP normally aspirated Peugeot 1.9 GTi road car. So its always best to give us a call and discuss your particular options.

However - in general we can live map your vehicle in one to two days depending on the requirements. The work will primarily be performed in our dyno cell and will cost £900 inc vat.

This price covers our half day dyno cell hire (£360) and 2x professional calibrators labour.

ECU Calibration on the dyno in blackpool