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Cosworth Wasted Spark Conversion for Weber ECU's.

This system gets rid of the antiquated distributor cap and rotor arm system allowing you to replace it with a far more modern twin coil wasted spark system. As well as being solid state with no moving parts to wear out, the best benefit is you will no longer suffer from having to run tiny plug gaps and be subjected to the constant and annoying misfires that the Ford Sierra Cosworth and Ford Escort Cosworths are so famous for.

Key Points:

  • The new Cosworth coil pack driver runs various different dwell periods depending on engine RPM.
  • It has a circuit built in that drives the rev counter correctly.**
  • The ecu requires no software alterations whatsoever for this conversion.

** Ford rev Counters require a small mod to the rear. Aftermarket counters work just fine as they are.


The Cosworth coil pack conversion to wasted spark is available for all #osworth fitment Weber Marelli ECU versions such as L1. L1A, L6, L600, L8 and P8 including Ecu’s converted to Pectel Super 8.

The distributor cap, rotor arm, Coil HT lead and Standard Coil are removed from the car totally leaving you with a solid state non moving HT ignition system with less HT connections and only 1 gap for the voltage to jump, the all important spark plug gap.

The Components:

The full kit. (Image 1 of 7)
The full kit. (Image 1 of 7)

The driver installed into ecu:


The Price?

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