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COBB Install and Custom Features Videos

We get a lot of questions about how the map slots work, how to install the system to the car and of course how flat foot shifting and launch control etc work.

Its all a lot of new information to take in, so COBB have a made some great videos to help shine some light on these features... We also feature some great videos from one of our customers, Adam Rainey who has done some excellent reviews on remotely tuning with us using the Accessport.

Installation / Uninstallation.

This video covers how to install and remove an Accessport from your vehicle.

Ford Custom Features.

This video helps you to understand slot switching, launch control, flat foot shifting and more...

Using the Accessport as a set of live gauges.

This video shows you how the awesome gauges work on the Accessport. Want a boost and oil pressure gauge on the dash? No problem!


Got a problem, light on the dash, maybe you feel a slight missfire? No problem, you can start your diagnosis right here.



This video helps you to understand how the datalogging works. When you buy a system from us you will be provided with printouts on which channels should be logged for custom tuning ad how we want you to do it on the road.

Using Accessport Manager on the PC.

This video helps you to understand how Accessport manager works and how to install a calibration to it that we have sent to you by E-Mail.


A customers perspective of remote tuning with us.

Adam Rainey, a customer of ours in Ireland has done a series of videos detailing his experience with our tuning platform as he moved through MSD400 Multimaps, to MSD420 Multimaps and finally to perfecting his custom tuning via remote custom E-Tuning.

His first video details receiving and installing the Accessport and his MSD400 Multimaps calibration.


Adams second video details his driving experience of the MSD400 Multimaps


Adams now details his thoughts after fitting the sports cat and moving up to MSD420

Custom E-Tuning.
The final piece of the puzzle. In this video Adam takes you through the whole custom tuning process from start to finish, detailing how to get yourself Custom E-Tuned by us here at MSD, even if you live in another country.


Massive thanks to Adam for the great videos and feedback.

Please visit his main channel and subscribe to his interesting content if you love modifying cars.


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