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Ford Focus ST Turbodiesel Tuning Packages.

We offer a number of well refined tuning packages. We can tailor the calibration in your ECU to ensure all modifications are accommodated for and the vehicle runs as well as it possibly can.

Our tuning packages go up to in excess of 230 BHP but as I am sure you can appreciate this is a conversion that needs some discussion as to what best suits you as a driver / owner so those conversions are not detailed on the website as every owner and car will vary in their requirements.

Ford Focus ST Diesel Tuning

MSD210 Package up to (210bhp)
This package lifts the power restrictions from within the ECU and enhances the power output.

The package includes the supply and fitment of:

  • Evolution Chips MSD210 ECU calibration
  • Full Engine Management Diagnostics Check

Total cost including labour and vat = £299.00

Dyno runs and graphs of power and torque along with AFR and Boost levels are available at an additional cost. Please see our dyno section for more details.

MSD230 Package up to (230bhp)

Coming Soon...

Of course we also offer dyno tuning and power runs for your vehicle. Here is a customers Focus ST Diesel in for our stage 1 remap and power runs on our 4wd Dyno Dynamics Dyno

We also offer a full HD version of your own video run, like the above but in full 1920x1080P on a re-usable brand new 8GB USB key for only £20.

With over a decade of Ford RS tuning experience we are more than happy to advise and discuss tuning options with your vehicle. We can tailor our remaps to your requirements either through the OBD Port, on the bench, via custom chipping or even live mapping, depending on what your particular vehicle will allow. Please contact us for more information.