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Rolling Road Dyno Shoot-out Days

Dyno shoot-out days are popular with car clubs around the country and we are more than happy to organise a dyno shoot-out day on a Saturday if you have a minimum of 5 cars wanting to take part.

Dyno Shootout days In Blackpool


A power measuring session for each vehicle in attendance consisting of checking over the vehicle, strapping it down safely to the roller bed, installing AFR, boost, OBD and any other monitoring equipment required and then performing 3 back to back runs, all recorded and the results printed out for the owner to take away.

5 - 9 vehicles.

£54 Inc vat per vehicle

10 - 15 vehicles.

£48 Inc vat per vehicle

Dyno Shootout days In Blackpool

Please Note:

A rolling road shoot-out dyno day for us has a fixed cost as we only open up Saturdays for a pre arranged dyno day and have all our staff come in on overtime rate to facilitate an enjoyable safe day. Because of this, to ensure our operating costs are met we have a minimum attendance of 5 cars and, due to time & noise constraints a maximum of 12 cars.

To ensure our own costs are met, we require the minimum payment agreed to be met by the group no matter how many cars actually turn up on the day.


If you have booked 5 cars at £54 each (£270) and only 4 turn up, we still require that minimum payment of £270 inc vat for the 4 cars which means those 4 owners will have to meet the cost of the missing car between them (£67.50 each)

The dyno day will not go ahead until the agreed cost is met and failure to do so will result in loss of all deposits and the day being cancelled.


Dyno Shootout days In Blackpool

Please make this clear to your potential attending members so they are fully aware that failure to attend will result in them costing other people money.

The easiest way to ensure the dyno day runs smoothly with regards payment is to call us and pay over the phone in advance. Each individual owner can do this and will receive a full vat invoice which can be either posted to him or collected on the day.