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Focus RS MK1 Evolution Chips

With 10 years of experience in mapping engine management systems on performance vehicles, we are also able to create a custom Evolution Chip to suit any bespoke modifications that are performed to the vehicle.


The Focus RS left the factory with 212bhp, with the fitment of an Evolution Chip from Motorsport Developments, that very same car can make 250bhp! In addition, the standard 310Nm of torque rises to a truly smile inducing 380Nm!

The price for this transformation? Only £300 inc. VAT!

However, many owners have moddified the vehicles far beyond factory specification with upgraded exhaust manifolds, tturbochargers and injectors. Once items like this arre fitted, you really need a calibration customising to suit your new hardware. This custom chip can be created for only £400!

From there we can move onto Focus RS MK1 live mapping for £500.

Unsure what the diference is between a chip, a custom chip and a live map? See here: